Testing Airflow

Joshua Ghezzi Jun 09, 2022
  • data
  • engineering
  • testing

Testing plays an important role in ensuring our code is error and bug free so that we can freely implement new features without worrying about any impact on existing functionality. These testing efforts also extend to Airflow, maintained by the data team.

Can We Go All-In on ARM?

Adam Wilmore Apr 01, 2022
  • infrastructure
  • cicd
  • docker

At mx51, Linux is the backbone of our software delivery and runtime platforms. It is reliable and fast, and comes with the support of an enourmous global community of users and contributors.

Response to the Okta LAPSUS$ Compromise

Martin Doherty Mar 25, 2022
  • cybersecurity
  • okta

Like a lot of digital native SaaS organisations around the globe, the mx51 cyber security team spent some time this week responding to the LAPSUS$ claims on March 22 (AEDT) that they had compromised Okta. We use Okta internally to authenticate and authorise employee access, so we initiated our Incident Response Plan to determine our exposure and respond accordingly. Our internal investigation concluded that we had not been compromised as a result. This has since been confirmed by Okta.

Capturing Dialog Screenshots in Jetpack Compose UI Testing

Andrew Kelly Mar 15, 2022
  • android
  • testing
  • instore

One of the most imports parts of the software development lifecycle at mx51 is testing. We have unit tests, UI tests and integration tests, all working together to make sure our Android app (known as the MXA – Merchant eXperience App) is robust.

Estimating Transaction Processing Times with Bayesian Methods

Alastair Hovington Feb 16, 2022
  • data
  • analytics
  • support

At mx51, we are obsessed with the merchant experience. This doesn’t stop with our first-class payment applications, it also includes proactively supporting merchants to get the best out of their payments systems. I’m sure the experience of awkwardly standing in front of a payment terminal, waiting for the confirmation of a successful transaction is familiar to a lot of people. The merchant invariably breaks the silence to complain about the constant slow processing times they experience.

Our Journey from XML to Jetpack Compose UI

Andrew Kelly Feb 07, 2022
  • android
  • development
  • instore

One of the key product offerings at mx51 is our in-store capability that connects a merchant’s POS to their payment terminal. To make this integration work, we have software that runs on both pieces of hardware. This post is about our Android app (known as our MXA – Merchant eXperience App) that runs on the payment terminal, and how we migrated it from using XML notation for screen layouts to Jetpack Compose UI. If you’ve ever used a payment terminal, our MXA would be the part where you enter an amount to pay or where you’d add a tip or cashout amount. It has lots of other screens too, menus to change the behaviour of the terminal and screens that allow you to securely connect to your in-store POS.

Manuals Not Included

Steve Hadley Feb 01, 2022
  • scaling
  • team
  • people

We’ve all heard of and have read (at least browsed) handbooks published by GitLab and Atlassian that reveal the internal processes, tools and culture. Unfortunately, manuals aren’t included when you mint a brand new startup and borrowing a ready-made one from Atlassian and GitLab probably won’t work for you.